Hidden Justice (Spy Makers Guild Book 1)


When the mission I’ve trained for my whole life hits a snag, I’m forced to use a good man as my cover. Not that I don’t feel guilty about it, but once I take down the bad guys it’ll all be worth it. Well, as long as no good guy gets hurt.


Running a charity isn’t easy or cheap. When the wealthy Justice Parish comes to my rescue, it seems too good to be true. Turns out, I was right. I’m beginning to worry that what I don’t know about my sexy, new benefactor could save my charity but endanger my heart and maybe even my life.


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Reckless Grace (Spy Makers Guild Book 2)

As the dangerous attraction between Special Agent Leif “Dusty” McAllister and Guild spy Gracie Parish heats up, his investigation into her ignites a deadly new threat. They’ll have to decide quickly what really matters, because now it’s not Gracie’s role as an undercover agent in jeopardy. It’s her life.

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Daring Honor (Spy Makers Guild Book 3)

She saved me. Now, to save her, I’ll have to face my violent past.

The only male adopted by the notorious Parish family, I’ve always tried to do right by my sisters.

But when my stupid attempt to protect Justice goes horribly wrong, I can’t face the music or anger of my family. I fake my own death and escape into the Caribbean. In Dominica, I reappear as “Lazarus.” My sense of humor is still in tact, but not my sense of self-preservation or chivalry. The woman needs me. Who am I to say no?

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Fighting Fate (Spy Makers Guild Novella)


As a Guild operative, I’ve seamlessly taken on dozens of false identities. Going undercover as a nun? No problem. But when my routine mission turns into a hunt for a vicious serial killer, I’m forced to join forces with Sion Bradford. Problem. The sexy, ex-soccer player doesn’t, for one minute, believe I’m a nun. Too many lives are at stake to tell him the truth. So, why am I struggling to keep the faith?

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