November Out of My Comfort Zone

Yikes, it’s December and I’m writing about November OMCZ! So what did I do in Nov. that warrants being included as my yearlong out-of-my-comfort-zone challenge? Does going to Sonoma and participating in my first wine tasting count?

It doesn’t. Totally in my comfort zone. 

But that trip, that late October/early November trip, where we drove up the coast and hung out along the way, did provide a usable experience.

Nope, it wasn’t Hearst Castle. 

Here’s the thing, I’m not afraid of heights. But a few years ago, I discovered I’m afraid of cliffs. Or rocky gaps. Learned this trying to jump over a small gap between two large rocks. I could’ve walked across. Except, I couldn’t. The idea terrified me.

Still, not really a fear you need to see a doctor about. Not like my day is filled with cliffs. Not even when I went rock climbing in a gym. With ropes.

I look so freakin’ uncomfortable!

No ropes at Bodega Bay. And it was so windy. So windy! But I sucked up my fear, inched up to the cliff, and stood by the edge. Okay, I squatted. Standing is a whole other level of brave. 

But then I got truly brave and took the below video. You can tell by my voice I wasn’t happy. The fear I felt was akin to being chased by a wild boar. Breathless. Shaky legs. Racing heart.

Look at that video. I could have died!  (Not really.) It was so windy. So windy!! But that wasn’t my only OMCZ in November. 

Inspired in part by Mercia J Tapping, I also tried ballroom dancing. I say “in part,” because my stylist has been trying to get me to go ballroom dancing since this challenge began.

Honestly, I just wasn’t interested. It’s not in my comfort zone in a way that’s  socially awkward and uncomfortable and weird, but not terrifying.  So socially not in my comfort zone. 

The morning of my lesson was crazy busy. Breaking away, meant juggling a bunch of last minute stuff, haven’t showered–work from home–not feeling my best. So I run into this dance studio all flustered and smelly. It’s dead quiet. And bright and open and all shiny wood floors and incredibly thin, stylish people looking at me.

And…my stylists was there. Dancing with some long legged man. They looked like they belonged on Dancing with the Stars. Ah, why didn’t I remember deodorant!

So now I have to do this incredibly awkward thing in front of my stylish stylist and her handsome partner. And a room full of lovelies, looking like an unshowered schlub. *cracks hairy knuckles* Let’s do this. 

Yes, it was exactly as socially awkward and uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Sorry. Probably not the uplifting ending you were hoping for! But, you know what, despite those things I really did enjoy myself. I danced. I laughed. I smelly-hugged my stylist. All good. 

Not on my shoulder. Not there. Here. Right here. Below my shoulder. Here. 

Below, way down there, is a photo of my instructor, Val, and me. He’s from Russia. Val had to tell me repeatedly not to put my hand on his shoulder. It goes directly below the shoulder on his arm. After like the fourth time, he rolled his eyes at me. In Russian. 

Apparently, Val has an incredibly interesting life story that he wants written. He wouldn’t tell me though–afraid I’d steal it. Dude, I can barely write the things I’m contracted for. In fact, I should be writing instead of dancing with you. Haha! Onward to December. Wait. We’re already in December. Uh….I’m working on it. Any suggestions? 

No makeup. Hair pulled back. Smelly me.  And, yes, that’s with a necessary filter. 

8 thoughts on “November Out of My Comfort Zone

    1. Haha! Thanks! One month to go. I need to do something fun, that doesn’t feel like I’m taking my life in my hands.

  1. What awesome experiences!! So proud of u for keeping this going! My suggestion for December is flying trapeze lessons!!!

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