#Love Your Bookstore Challenge!

Sourcebooks has issued a #LoveYourBookstore challenge. In order to compete and win fabulous prizes, you have to go to your local bookstore (so far I love this challenge), purchase something, and take a picture of yourself buying the book. I did that today at the wonderful Doylestown Bookshop.

Why do I love my local bookstore so much? Well, the staff is kind, knowledgable, and they have an incredible eye for good books. That means that one of the highlights of going there is seeing the Staff Picks along the front wall. I also love the feel of the store. If you’ve been in any kind of local bookstore, you know that these are personal places, places with a feel, a personality, a tone. Doylestown Bookshop has an inviting and warm and unhurried atmosphere. It kind of feels like a good friend of yours, one with excellent taste in books, opened a bookstore. There is an instant comfort and joy inside this bookstore. It’s just a great place to spend time!

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