Golden Heart® Finalist!

Woohooo! My YA novel, Mind Traveler, has been selected as a Golden Heart® Finalist ! For those of you who don’t know,  Romance Writers of America® holds the RITA and Golden Heart contest every year to showcase the work of published and unpublished romance writers. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen. The event itself is huge with over 3000 people attending. And there’s a Jumbotron. Okay, if you hadn’t though this contest was a big deal, I’m sure the mention of a Jumbotron has convinced you.

Yeah, it’s Jumbotron big news! Now I need to get a professional author photo, so when they read my name and flash my photo on the Jumbotron in front of thousands of industry professionals there’s not bread, fridge magnets, and dirty dishes in the background! Thanks, RWA®!! This is how I excited I feel:

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