2018 Challenge

At the start of 2018, I promised myself a year of adventure. Not just adventure but a year of stepping out of my comfort zone. I decided that instead of talking about my bucket list, I was going to find a way to make these dreams come true. Seemed appropriate since my first and second novels will be released this year.

So how’s it going so far?

Well, in January I took my first flying lesson. Loved it! There are a lot of skills and a vast amount of awareness required to control the Cessna 127m Skyhawk. It’s not like driving a car. Even though I’m continuing with lessons, I didn’t let that count as my out-of-box for February. In fact, on the last day of the month I panicked realizing I hadn’t yet done anything. So leaving my edits behind, I headed to the local rock climbing gym. They were gracious enough to accommodate me.  Believe it or not, rock climbing actually scared me a lot more than flying a plane. Thanks to a great and patient instructor, I found my legs, so to speak, and ended up having a wonderful experience. Again I found that something I had always wanted to do was a blast. Not sure why I put it off for so long. So what’s up for next month? Well, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I have been given a lot of suggestions. Let me know if you have something you think I should try.

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