I Am Justice gets its first review!

My thanks to Alliereads who received an ARC of I Am Justice and gave the novel its first ever review. Seriously, I’m so freakin’ excited about this. I may have to break out my Philly accent. Youse have no idea.

Anyway, here’s a taste of the good stuff, “I am Justice is an excellent, fiery and feisty novel that marks the beginning of a brand new series called ‘Band of Sisters’ teeming with courageous female protagonists that will no doubt, be as fast-paced, thrilling and romantic as I am Justice.

Aw, thanks.Yes. I know as the author I’m supposed to be a lot cooler than this—drawing attention to myself in public and all. But you’ll forgive me, because it’s not just I Am Justice’s first review, it’s my first review! Just go read it. Please.

More of the good stuff…

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