Cruisin’ Copenhagen

Ship’s Log
Star Date: 10 07 2012
Arrived in Copenhagen at ten am and went for a fun five mile run with our local guide, Troels. Though we had never seen a local before, we were able to spot him immediately when we stepped off the ship. He was tall, blond, and wearing mismatched socks, but hey with those legs who was noticing the socks? Troels was an excellent guide, very knowledge, friendly and funny. He let us run at an acceptably slow pace, and we had a great time learning all about Copenhagen! So what did I learn?
1.) There is a big difference between The Little Mermaid statue (pictured below) inspired by a ballerina and commissioned in 1906 and…

the new and greatly enhanced The Little Mermaid (pictured below). 

      My husband fittingly calls this statue,  “The Not-So-Little-Mermaid.”
2.) Red means don’t go, not even if the street seems clear, because the Mario Andretti of the bike lane could whip out of nowhere and catch you in his crosshairs.
3.) If you are caught in the crosshairs of the bicycle version of Mario Andretti, do something. Don’t just stand there, “For God’s sake!” Yes, he might skid to a last minute stop with a hotly whispered, “For God’s sake”, but you might just end up in very bloody international incident. 
4.) If you squat long enough (Freetown Christiana), even if you are hippies who sell Hash (illegal in Copenhagen) you will eventually own your own hippie commune at below market value. So hang in there kids!
5.) Crayfish aren’t just fun for kids to find in the creek and chase backward into their waiting palms. They are also quite tasty in a seafood salad. Who knew?
6.) A thousand Kroner is a bargain.
7.) I’m one son short of being able to plow myself an island. Apparently you need four. Oh, and being a goddess doesn’t hurt. Lady plowing power rocks

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