The Women Behind Black Ops Confidential

Black Ops Confidential is a romantic suspense series that delves into the lives and loves of a secret society of vigilantes known as the League of Warrior Women. This covert operation is funded and staffed by the mega-wealthy Parish family. You can think of them as the big-family-version of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

But instead of one rich guy who works as a vigilante, you have 28 siblings–26 female and 2 male–adopted from around the world by the mysterious and philanthropic Mukta Parish. These siblings are highly trained and educated operatives. They are our heroes. Their stories are as diverse and interesting and dangerous as they are.

This post is my attempt to introduce you to the women behind Black Ops Confidential, at least those in the first 3 books and prequel novella, along with their love interests. I’ve included Momma, Mukta Parish here, because she’s the badass founder. Got questions about these characters or stories? Feel free to ask in comments or use the contact form.


Momma rarely wears anything this dark. She is more likely to wear a colorful niqab over an equally colorful business suit.

The matriarch of the Parish clan, Mukta Parish was burned by acid as a pre-teen in India. After, she was adopted by two aid workers, a lesbian couple–one of which was the daughter of an American business tycoon. This couple brought Mukta to America, and she went on to earn multiple degrees, inherit the family business, and turn that business into an even greater success.

For over forty years, Mukta has adopted 28 children–most of whom came from desperate or violent situations. She trained these children, 26 girls and 2 boys, to become vigilantes in the League of Warrior Women. Mukta has had many surgeries as a child to help correct her face–and even met her right-hand man Leland Day in the hospital during one surger–but she wears a niqab to cover the still visible scars on her face.

Although Mukta wears a niqab, she rarely chooses a dark color. She is more likely to wear a rose red or a bright pink niqab. Mukta’s right-hand man and closest confidant is Leland Day. Leland’s backstory and their “friendship” fascinates me, but that’s another story for another day.


Justice Ramona Parish

The hero of I AM JUSTICE, book one in the series, is Justice Parish, a Native American and a “gun-wielding assassin, a smart-ass vigilante with a nose for trouble and a yearning for intrigue.” Rescued from a brutal childhood, Justice Parish made a promise to take down the men that killed her sister and nearly killed her. Those men run a human trafficking ring operating along the war-torn Middle East.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes about Justice, “Justice Parrish is the type of swaggering, wise-cracking, impulsive action hero that women so often aren’t allowed to be.” BookPage Top 15 Romances of 2018

Sandesh Julian Ross


Sandesh is Justice’s love interest and is a mix that includes German, Egyptian, Spanish, and Scottish. In I AM JUSTICE, Sandesh has left Special Forces to start his own charity.  So he can hold his own in a fight, but he’s not looking for a fight because, “I’ve tried that way. Tried it until I didn’t recognize myself. And that’s not my job anymore. There has to be more than that. That can’t be my only choice.”

After leaving Special Forces, Sandesh starts the International Peace Team (IPT), a charity staffed entirely by former soldiers. The only problem? Money. Cue the world-renowned, uber-wealthy Parish family. Little does Sandesh know that the price tag for this help is the war he is trying to avoid.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this character’s name, SAN desh. Sandesh was named after his father’s friend, an Egyptian scholar. The friend was named by his parents for a sugary dessert from Bangladesh. A dessert that is also known in the region of Dhaka as pranahara (literally means heart ‘stealer’). Thus comes the origin of the name Sandesh a.k.a. Sandy a.k.a Sandman.

Here’s a great picture I’ve found that somewhat captures four of the sisters who are featured in the Black Ops Confidential series. I absolutely love these women and this series.


Grace Divine Parish

The hero in book 2, THE PRICE OF GRACE, is Gracie Parish. Adopted as an infant, Gracie Parish was born in the U.S. but is of Australian and Irish descent. She has only ever known the mega-wealth and vigilante mentality of the Parish family. As Gracie puts it, “I was sheltered enough that it was almost culture shock to find out what I’d been taught was dogma and not necessarily how the rest of the world worked.”

It wasn’t until her biological mother–dying from cancer–showed back up in her life that the teenage Gracie got a different perspective. But she wasn’t ready for the world outside the League.

Gracie learned not everyone can be trusted with the truth about the Parish family. Not even the boy who claimed to love her. After telling her son’s father about the family’s vigilante activities, she’s forced to give up their son  to protect him and the League. Thus Gracie Parish has a large wound and a cynical attitude. She’s learned to trust no one. Fierce, loyal, and smart, her sharp wit doesn’t come with a sharp tongue. Not even a hell or damn.

That doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. A cyber warrior and Muay Thai fighter, Gracie runs her own night club and is the first to volunteer for dangerous missions. Usually to her lasting regret.

Leif “Dusty” McAllister

Leif “Dusty” McAllister
Gracie and Dusty

Special Agent Leif “Dusty” McAllister was born in the United States, is of European descent with a southern upbringing. He has a soft southern accent that adds to his already substantial sex appeal. An FBI agent, he spent the first seven years of his life inside a cult started and run by his father.

He knows well how someone can be manipulated, tricked into supporting another’s crazy ideas. So when he receives an anonymous email about the Parish family activities, he sets his mind on bringing down Mukta Parish and what he sees as her “cult” of vigilantes.

To that end, in book 2 he tries to use Gracie Parish as a way in to uncover her family’s vigilante activities. Their chemistry is off-the-charts, but so are the many reasons they shouldn’t be together. Not the least of which is, as Gracie puts it, “You’re investigating my family.” And if that’s not enough, Dusty’s investigation stirs up danger from Gracie’s past and now someone wants her dead.


Honora “Honor” Silva

In book 3 THE COST OF HONOR, Honora “Honor” Silva doesn’t start out as a member of the Parish family. But it’s obvious from the get-go that she was meant to be a member of the League of Warrior Women. In the first scene that she’s in, she rescues Tony Parish from the a storm battering the coast of Dominica.

Honor is part Dominican and part Puerto Rican with an unknown, Caucasian father. That’s because her mother, the famous and out-spoken actress Natalie Silva (Kiki Hart) didn’t know the father. At the start of book 3 Honor saves Tony, but he in turn saves her from someone who is attempting to kill her and/or drive her off of her cocoa farm in the mountains of Dominica.


Anthony “Tony” Parish. 

The first boy adopted into the Parish family, all Italian and South Philly, Tony speaks with a Philadelphia accent, think somewhere between Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and Mark Wahlberg in Invincible. Loyal and determined, Tony has an axe to grind with the female focused League of Warrior Women.

Tony’s tired of living in a family where he’s treated as a second-class citizen, but he works hard to prove himself. Tony is a complete professional and unlike his hothead sister, Justice, cool and calm in most situations. He’s also adorable, funny and charming. In book 3, Tony has run away from home and ended up on the beach of Dominica. This is where he meets Honor. You can read more about their adventures here.


Like most of her siblings, Dada Parish was rescued at the age of 12 from a painful childhood in French Guiana by Mukta Parish. She was sold as a child to a man who kept her for his own pleasure, she gave birth to a stillborn boy at 12. Rescued shortly after, she wears a woven leather band on her wrist as a symbol of her loss. A fierce protector of the family she loves, she also longs for a family of her own.

Charming and disarming, Dada works as an undercover operative for the League, creating connection with shadowy figures that benefit the family’s larger goals. A highly trained operative, an expert in disguise and languages, prone to having crushes on soccer players, a flamboyant dresser, Dada speaks with a soft accent and deliberate attention to the impact of her words. Having earned some good luck, Dada takes advantage of her lucky streak. She is the hero of the first Black Ops Confidential Novella. 


Welshman, Sion Bradford lost everything when he lost his soccer “football” career. After being shot in the leg while trying to save a woman in America from the drunken brutality of one of his squad mates, he lost his career and gained a permanent injury. Six years after the incident, he limped out of the bottle and into a new profession as a volunteer art teacher in El Salvador. Stunned when his most promising student is trafficked into Mexico, he infiltrates the criminal organization that took her as “Juan the forger.”

This is where he meets Dada, who is on a routine reconnaissance mission. You can read more about their exciting story here.

Bridget Parish

Rescued as a pre-teen from the heroin trade of Laos, and her own addiction, Bridget Parish is now as straight as they come. No drugs. No liquor. She’s also a yogi and the family’s voice of reason, their conscience. Through the years she’s begun to doubt what her family does–adopting children and turning them into warriors. But she is loyal to all her siblings, especially the younger kids. Her hair is usually messy, pinned up, and her door is always open. Literally. She had the door removed. She has a big heart and a somewhat offbeat attitude. Her mantra is, “If it makes you uncomfortable, pay even more attention.”

Although Bridget doesn’t have her own story, as of yet, there’s something in the works for her. She’ll get her HEA. She deserves one. I imagine the story as an opposites attract one. Two people thrown together as they race to help a kidnapping victim. With Bridget’s yogi-like patience being tested by a strait-laced pessimist, who is the last person she’d ever think she’d fall for.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about some members of the dynamic Parish family and the Black Ops Confidential series. If you have any questions about the family leave them in the comments or drop me a note on my contact page!



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