Marvelous May Giveaway and Last Month’s Winner!

I’m so excited to announce the one lucky winner who gets six to read and enjoy all six wonderful books! These books include

These books include the second book in my Black Ops Confidential series, THE PRICE OF GRACE, along with Mia Sosa’s PRETENDING HE’S MINE, Priscilla Oliveras’ THEIR PERFECT MELODY, Alexis Daria’s TAKE THE LEAD, Alisha Rai’s HATE TO WANT YOU, and Alyssa Cole’s DUKE BY DEFAULT.

Since the PRICE OF GRACE isn’t technically out yet, the winner AMANDA HASH will have to wait to receive her book. But Amanda, will have plenty to keep her busy until she receives the last book!!  Congratulations, Amanda Hash for winning the Spring has Sprung Giveaway, check your email for details!! You are going to love these books.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry you have another shot at winning the Marvelous May giveaway!! The books for the new giveaway include Maisey Yates, NEED ME A COWBOY, Adriana Herrera’s AMERICAN DREAMER, Damon Suede’s, HOT HEAD, Juno Rushdan’s EVERY LAST BREATH, and Courtney Milan’s TRADE ME. If you’re not signed up yet, sign up for the The Shady Lady Report for your chance to win!

The Shady Lady Report shines a spotlight on some of the brave, intelligent, kind, fierce, and yes, rule-breaking women working to make this world a better place for everyone. If you know of any women like this, and you probably do, please send me the information:


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