Hiding secrets is her job. Getting to the truth is his. 

A covert operative and cyber-warrior in a fierce sisterhood of vigilantes, Gracie Parish knows what happens when you fall in love and reveal your family’s greatest secret. Pain. Separation. Loss.

Forced to give up her son to keep him safe, she’s learned the hard way not to trust anyone.

But Special Agent Leif “Dusty” McAllister isn’t just anyone. He’s funny, sexy, charming, and lying to her. The man in charge of investigating the Parish family’s suspected illegal activities will do whatever it takes — fair or unfair — to get at the truth.

As the smoldering attraction between Dusty and Gracie heats up, his investigation ignites a threat from her past. Suddenly, Dusty must choose between his job and telling her the truth, because it’s not just her lifestyle in jeopardy, it’s her life. And that of her son.